Monuments, memorial places

The memorial sign for August BielensteinThe Dobele Liberation MonumentMemorial plaque for the teacher Oto Feldmanis in DobeleMemorial stone for the departure of the Zemgali people from DobeleMemorial site to commemorate the victims of communist genocideMonument to the defenders of AuceKristaps Morbergs A memorial signMonument of the cemetery of the Brethren and cemetery of the Brethren in DobeleA memorial to a microbiologist Kristap HelmanMemorial stone to Krišjānis BaronsMemorial site to Kārlis Ulmanis at the Bērze CemeteryBrothers' cemetery in LielauceBēne World War II cemetery of the brethrenCemetery of the Brethren of those who lost their lives during the World War IWorld War I graves “Weitenfield”World War I graves "Alt- Autz"KAZUPE WORLD WAR I CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENSUMRAGI WORLD WAR I CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENTĪLAIŠI WORLD WAR II CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENPOČI WORLD WAR II CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENŠĶIBE WORLD WAR II CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENZVAŅI WORLD WAR II CEMETERY OF THE BRETHRENMonument to commemorate the first battle of the battalion of Oskars KalpaksMemorial Place to Holocaust victimsStele for the holders of Lāčplēsis Military OrderĪle National Partisans’ BunkerMemorial stone to Otto GailītisMemorial sign in the centre of BērzeThe sculptural composition ‘Bundle’ near the Penkule Cultural CentreMemorial stone to the Naudīte SchoolMemorial site at the homestead KambariMonument to Jānis BergsMonument to Jānis ApsītisMemorial site to Jānis VītiņšCommemorative site in honour of Ludvigs TeterisMonument to Friedrich von Medem (1859–1911)ommemorative stone in memory of the victims of communist genocide