Dobeles pilsētas vēsturiskais centrs vakarā
Dobeles pilsētas vēsturiskais centrs vakarā

Dobele, Tērvete and Auce are in the green centre of Latvia, locations among Jelgava, Saldus and Tukums. Lithuanians to the South are our nearest neighbours. Our advantage is that various ring roads that are not particularly crowded easily allow us to travel to Vidzeme, Latgale, Sēlija and Kurzeme. The spite of Semigallians and their desire to live in their fatherland are quite strong here. We have lovely estates, castles, hillocks which we proudly call mountains, as well as locations that are full of legends and stories. We have our lakes, rivers, forests, rich fields of grain and carefully tended meadows. This is a sacred place for lilac in the spring, the capital city of apples in the autumn, and the place where noble snowmen gather during the winter. That is Dobele on the banks of the Bērze River.

Tērvete is a true land of fairy tales and miracles, where guests who walk along the trails of the park will find wooden fairy tale characters, including the Little Forest Witch, the Forest Mother, the Elf Mother and others.

Auce is a growing, creative and talented place, and the only town in Latvia which has its own name’s day.

We live under the blue skies of Latvia in our ring of light around Dobele, Tērvete and Auce.

Have a nice trip and rest in the Dobele region!