Auce received town rights on the day the Latvian writer Rainis celebrates his birthday, hence the name of the main street. Therefore, the square located nearby, once a market square and until 1990 called ‘Pionieru laukums’, was named after the writer’s wife, the poetess Aspazija. Worth mentioning is the fact that this is the only square in Latvia named after Aspazija, and it is located in Auce. 
At one time there was a city market place and it was a strict tradition (1920-1940) in Auce to have 6 fairs a year. The square was paved by round boulders which were broken up  later in 1954. There were shops, tea houses and pubs on the ground floors around the square. The news-stall has preserved its original appearance and survived both World Wars. At present it is a popular recreation place for the inhabitants of Auce.

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