Crane is the symbol of Lielauce Parish. It was depicted on the logo of the association Lielauces attīstībai – For the Development of Lielauce. Crane is the loudest ‘inhabitant’ of Lielauce and represents our bond with the nature – the Lake Lielauce and Vīķi marsh. Crane is a symbol of vigilance, regeneration, longevity, and wisdom. In Latvian folklore, it is a medium between our world and the world of spirits. The sculpture ‘Crane’ was made in the blacksmith’s workshop in Gamkalvė, Šiauliai, for the funds donated by 77 people. It was made by blacksmith Gintaras Adomėnas by taking the parish logo as an example. The sculpture was inaugurated on 18 November 2021 and is open to public an any time.